When and Where

Saturday Oct 5th 2019, 1-4pm

Where: Crown Heights Brooklyn. The Address will be shared when you register.

Is This You?

  • Do you find yourself at the end of the day, too tired, in your head, & stressed after work to really connect with your partner?

  • Is your love life all you want it to be, are you getting the touch and intimacy you crave?

  • -Does it feel like your kids & all the other things on your to-do lists occupy so much time, you wonder how you can have more connection alone as a couple?

  • Do you have a desire for more connection, bubble baths, massages, a home cooked meal, to be touched with out expectation of sex, someone to just hold you or listen at the end of the day?

  • Are you tired of pain, discomfort and lack mobility keeping you from doing what you love, alone and with your partner?

Good New, It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

This workshop is a powerful investment in your long term relationship

We will be learning skills you can use to strengthen and nurture your relationship. Your intention mentally & energetically is an important part of Thai Yoga Massage. When practicing from a place of Metta (loving-kindness) you will give your partner a deep sense of relaxation, pain relief, and increased flexibility. You will develop a new level of communication and understanding of what you each need through the power of compassionate touch. You will leave with tools to help each other manage stress, and increase the bond your share.

Thai Yoga Massage Flow

What You Will Learn

In this Couples Thai Yoga Massage Workshop, each person will learn safe and effective Thai Yoga Massage techniques through demonstrations and hands-on practice to complete a 20-minute sequence. The distinguishing features of Thai Yoga Massage as a Bodywork therapy lie in the approach to gently stretching and opening the body. Working on the floor on a mat, students will learn to practice principles of body alignment, body posture, and how to use their elbows, arms, hands, and feet to move, stretch and work along energy lines (called Sen Lines).


What You Will Learn In This 3-Hour Workshop

  • Learn a 20-minute Thai Yoga Massage sequence. Each person will get to give & receive one 20-minute session.

  • Practice the principles of body alignment, body postures, rhythmic rocking, leveraging your body weight, & how to use your elbows, arms, hands, and feet to move, stretch & work along energy lines (called Sen Lines).

  • Practice stretches to do with your partner & stretches you can do alone. (You will take home a packet of this info).

  • Breathing techniques & exercises to connect with your partner.

  • Additional tips & tricks you can take home with you.

Romantic Benefits

  • Relaxation & Stress Release.

    Stress has been found to be the cause of many diseases & really affects our bodies ability to function on a high level. As a result, we don't perform at our best, handle conflict or challenges as well in our personal + professional life. Helping your partner release stored stress, trauma, pain & emotional energy in their body is one of the best ways to show how much you care for them. Bonus, when we are relaxed we are also more open to amorous activities.

  • Novelty Leads To "Falling In Love Feelings"

    Researchers have found that injecting novelty into your relationship will give your brain a surge of feel-good hormones. Believe it or not, the very same hormones you felt in the early days of your relationship.

  • Supercharge Your Trust & Connection

    You already trust your partner. It’s a crucial part of any romantic relationship, but massage has been proven to help supercharge this bond between couples. You are reinforcing trust when you surrender, let someone care for you – even move you in a passive & relaxed state.

  • Light Up Your Intimacy

    Intimacy should be carefully and consistently cultivated between two people. It’s all about letting your walls down and feeling safe while spending time together. With a massage, you are focusing your complete attention – even your hands – on the person you love. That kind of acceptance, and space to be who they are is powerful.

What You Feel I Feel

How Emotional Transmission Can Work in Our Favor

Do you know that when your partner is feeling stressed, you both can feel the tension? Have you ever felt like you can’t help but feel stress, sadness or anger when your partner feeling these things?. This phenomenon is called emotional transmission. It causes a couple to absorb each other's feelings. This can be positive or negative feelings. So when one of you is feeling stress, your partner is likely to feel it too. On the positive side, when you or your partner are feeling relaxed, excited about life, and joyous it rubs off on you. So what do you do when you or your partner are feeling stress or pain? This is where massage comes in, studies have found that both partners’ perceived stress, well being and coping abilities improve after each massage. These feel-good results affect more than the physical body, massage can be a regular part of a thriving long term romantic relationship.


Emily Irvine

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner & Artist

Emily Irvine

Emily Irvine is a Bodywork Practitioner who specializes in Advanced Thai Yoga Bodywork, Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage, with additional training in Myo-Fascial Release and Reflexology under the business name of Palms Up Bodywork. Emily believes that preventative holistic health is the key to living a long healthy life. We can thrive no matter what age, by addressing problems and taking care of the body before injury or larger problems develop. Emily wants to help her clients reach the goals that allow them to enjoy their lives to the fullest! She believes that Metta loving kindness & compassionate touch can enable great healing. Emily is also a fine artist & graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago & the Lotus Palms School of Thai Yoga Massage in Montreal Canada.


  • When is it?

    Saturday October 5th 2019, 1pm-4pm

  • Where is it ?

    This workshop will be held live in person in Brooklyn, NY in the Crown Heights area. The address will be sent once you register and pay for the workshop.

  • Do I need to have experience to do this?

    No prior experience is necessary.

  • What do I wear?

    Please wear clothing you can move freely in, such as sweat pants, athletic clothing, & a t-shirt. Pants are better than shorts. If you wear shorts, please be sure to have shorts that don't slide and have another layer underneath.

Bonus For You!

  • Early Bird Gets The Special Discount

    We want to really give you a special gift for taking the time to do this workshop and for investing in long-lasting skills to strengthen your relationship. So to reward you for attending, there will be something special for you! When you register by September 30th, you get a special discounted offer on our services.


Early Bird Bonus for the couples who sign-up for early for the workshop!

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